The Institute for Data Analysis and Visualization (IDAV) consists of six faculty members and approximately 30 researchers and graduate students all working on interdisciplinary problems in visualization, geometric modeling, computer graphics, computational geometry, graphics architecture, and immersive technologies. We are key partners in SDAV, a DoE SciDAC III Scalable Data Analysis an Visualization Center, and in the IRTG, an International Research Training Group based at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern in Germany. We are an internationally recognized leader in the fields of visualization and computer graphics, addressing problems that range from the multiresolution display of very large-scale data, to the discovery of new visual analysis algorithms, to the design of methods to accelerate the use of graphics hardware.

Featured Project

Visualization of Function Fields
John C. Anderson, Luke Gosink, Mark A. Duchaineau, Ken Joy

With the increase in computing power and our ability to gather more and more data via increasingly powerful imaging and sensor technology, the size and complexity of scientific datasets continues to grow. Datasets that represent physical phenomena now contain billions of multi-valued, multi-dimensional, time-varying elements, and we are no longer able to fully analyze them.

Despite these advances in complex data ... [more]