Related Graphics and Visualization Courses

Tentative courses offered in visualization and graphics for the 2012-13 academic year.

Fall Quarter, 2012

  • ECS 175: Introduction to Computer Graphics,
    taught by Bernd Hamann
  • ECS 178: Introduction to Geometric Modeling,
    taught by Ken Joy
  • ECS 275A: Advanced Computer Graphics,
    taught by Nelson Max

Winter Quarter, 2013

  • TCS 130: Fundamentals of 3D Computer Graphics,
    taught by Michael Neff
  • ECS 163: Information Interfaces,
    taught by Kwan-Liu Ma
  • ECS 177: Introduction to Visualization,
    taught by Nelson Max
  • ECS 193A: Senior Projects Design Course,
    taught by Ken Joy
  • ECS 272: Information Visualization,
    taught by Kwan-Liu Ma
  • EEC 277: Graphics Architecture,
    taught by John Owens
  • ECS 278: Computer-Aided Geometric Design,
    taught by Ken Joy

Spring Quarter, 2011

  • ECS 173: Image Processing and Analysis,
    taught by Owen Carmichael
  • TCS 131: Character Animation,
    taught by Michael Neff
  • ECS 175: Computer Graphics,
    taught by Harald Obermaier
  • ECS 193B: Senior Projects Design Course,
    taught by Ken Joy
  • ECS 279: Computer Animation,
    taught by Michael Neff

The Visualization and Graphics curriculum in the Department of Computer Science at UC Davis has been in place for a number of years. We regularly offer three undergraduate (ECS 175, ECS 177, ECS 178) and eight graduate courses (ECS 275A, ECS 275B, ECS 272, ECS 277, ECS 278, ECS 280, ECS 227, EEC 277). Other courses are normally given on an "every other year" basis, with specialized courses offered on demand.

For a complete listing and descriptions of Computer Science courses offered at UC Davis, visit the Computer Science department web site.