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November 1, 2007
Two IDAV research papers nominated for best paper at IEEE Visualization 2007
Two IDAV Research papers were nominated for "Best Paper" in IEEE Visualization 2007. Luke Gosink, John C. Anderson, Wes Bethel, and Kenneth I. Joy authored the paper "Variable Interactions in Query Driven Visualization ," and Christoph Garth, Florian Gerhardt, Xavier Tricoche, and Hans Hagen suthored the paper "Efficient Computation and Visualization of Coherent Structures in Fluid Flow Applications ." Over 50 papers were chosen from 200 submissions to the conference, and five of the 50 were nominated for best paper. A committee was chosen to read each paper and listen to each talk and they chose the "best" paper. Unfortunately, we didn't win the top prize, but it was an honor to have two of the "five top papers" from our group.
August 5, 2007
IDAV researchers win best paper award at Graphics Hardware
Shubho Sengupta, Yao Zhang, and Professor John Owens of IDAV, together with NVIDIA's Dr. Mark Harris, won the Best Paper Award at Graphics Hardware 2008
June 1, 2007
Nelson Max wins the Stephen A. Coons Award
Dr. Nelson Max has been awarded the Steven A. Coons Award for Outstanding Creative Contributions to Computer Graphics, the ACM/SIGGRAPH lifetime achievement award. He was honored in recognition of his work in pioneering scientific visualization, his deep technical contributions, and of his generous participation in the encouragement and stimulation of ideas and intellectual exchange in computer graphics.
February 16, 2007
Aaron Lefohn awarded "Best Doctoral Thesis"
Aaron Lefohn (Ph.D. in June 2006) has been awarded the "Best Doctoral Thesis" from the Computer Science Department at UC Davis. His thesis, entitled "Glift: Generic Data Structures for Graphics Hardware" has had significant impact throughout the computer graphics community. He is a student of John Owens