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Mauricio Hess-Flores

Postdoctoral Researcher
Computer Science
University of California, Davis

Office:2071 Academic Surge
Web Page:http://idav.ucdavis.edu/~mhessf/

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher working in the Institute for Data Analysis and Visualization (IDAV) at UCDavis. My original research area has involved large-scale 3D reconstruction from aerial images, which originally began as a joint project with Mark Duchaineau at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (now at Google, Inc.), and under the guidance of Prof. Ken Joy at UCDavis. I have continued to work on aerial reconstruction by means of the novel 'parallax paths' concept, which allows for more efficient feature matching, pose estimation and structure computation in such scenarios. More recent work includes the use of visualization techniques to aid in computer vision algorithm design and testing. Initial work began with Dr. Duchaineau and has continued with a number of publications involving IDAV PhD student Shawn Recker. I have also been working With Shawn and Jason Mak on fast and efficient multi-view triangulation, in order to compute scene structure more efficiently. I had previously graduated from the Universidad de Costa Rica with a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering. For my MS Thesis, I worked on facial feature extraction and face model adaptation for model-based coding, using image processing and computer vision techniques.

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