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Bernd Hamann

Department of Computer Science
University of California, Davis

Office:3035 Kemper Hall
Phone:(530) 754-9157
Fax:(530) 752-4767
Web Page:http://graphics.cs.ucdavis.edu/~hamann

Bernd Hamann serves as associate vice chancellor for research, and served as co-director of the Center for Image Processing and Integrated Computing (CIPIC), now called the Institute for Data Analysis and Visualization (IDAV), from 1997 until 2004; he is a full professor of computer science at the University of California, Davis. He is an adjunct professor of computer science at Mississippi State University, a faculty computer scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and a participating guest researcher at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

From 1991 to 1995, he was a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science at Mississippi State University, where he was also affiliated with the NSF Engineering Research Center for Computational Field Simulation. His main interests are visualization, geometric modeling and computer-aided geometric design, computer graphics, and virtual reality.

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Evolutionary Morphing

Bicubic Subdivision Surface Wavelets

Material Boundary Surfaces

Multiresolution in Interactive Texture-Based Volumes

Topology-based Exploration of Volume Data

Visualization Tools for 3D Gene Expression Data in Drosophila