Wavelets on Planar Tessellations

title="Wavelets on Planar Tessellations",
booktitle="Proceedings of The 2000 International Conference on Imaging Science, Systems, and Technology",
author="Martin Bertram AND Mark A. Duchaineau AND Bernd Hamann AND Ken Joy ",
keywords="Image Compression, Multiresolution Methods, Subdivision Surfaces, Tesselations, Wavelets",
editor=" H. R. Arabnia AND F.-X. Coudoux AND Y. Mun AND G.P. Power AND M. Sarfraz AND Q. Zhu ",
publisher="Computer Science Research, Education and Applications Presss",
address="Athens, Georgia",
location="Las Vegas, Nevada",
eventtime="June 26--29, 2000",
abstract="We present a new technique for progressive C0-continuous approximation and compression of polygonal objects in images. Our technique uses local parametrizations defined by meshes of convex polygons in the plane. We generalize a lifted biorthogonal wavelet transform to polygonal domains to perform multiresolution analysis and compression of image regions. The advantage of our technique over conventional wavelet methods is that the domain is an arbitrary tesselation rather than a rectilinear grid. We expect that this technique has many applications image compression, progressive transmission, radiosity, virtual reality, and image morphing.",
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