Multiresolution Techniques for Interactive Texture-Based Volume Visualization

title="Multiresolution Techniques for Interactive Texture-Based Volume Visualization",
booktitle="Visual Data Exploration and Analysis VII",
author="Eric C. LaMar AND Mark A. Duchaineau AND Bernd Hamann AND Ken Joy ",
editor=" Robert F. Erbacher AND Philip C. Chen AND Jonathan C. Roberts AND Craig M. Wittenbrink ",
publisher="The International Society for Optical Engineering",
address="Bellingham, Washington",
abstract="We present a multiresolution technique for interactive texture based rendering of arbitrarily oriented cutting planes for very large data sets. This method uses an adaptive scheme that renders the data along a cutting plane at different resolutions: higher resolution near the point-of-interest and lower resolution away from the point-of-interest. The algorithm is based on the segmentation of texture space into an octree, where the leaves of the tree define the original data and the internal nodes de ne lower-resolution versions. Rendering is done adaptively by selecting high-resolution cells close to a center of attention and low-resolution cells away from it. We limit the artifacts introduced by this method by blending between different levels of resolution to produce a smooth image. This technique can be used to produce viewpointdependent renderings.",
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