Visualizing the Phonon Map

title="Visualizing the Phonon Map",
journal="Proceedings of Eurographics/ IEEE-VGTC Symposium on Visualization (2006)",
author="Eduard Deines AND Frank Michel AND Martin Bertram AND Hans Hagen AND Gregory M. Nielson ",
keywords="acoustics, raytracing",
location="Lisbon, Portugal",
eventtime="May 8-10, 2006",
abstract="In this work we present several visualization approaches for analyzing acoustic behavior inside a room. Our methods are based on the results of the phonon tracing algorithm. For a simulated phonon map we examine the influence of the room surfaces on the wave fronts during their propagation from the sound source. Our visualization is based on individual phonon and surface representations as well as scattered data interpolation. Additionally, an observation of acoustic behavior at different positions inside the room using colored and deformed spheres is possible.",
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