Comparative Visualization for Wave-based and Geometric Acoustics

title="Comparative Visualization for Wave-based and Geometric Acoustics",
journal="Proceedings of IEEE Visualization '06",
author="Eduard Deines AND Martin Bertram AND Jan Mohring AND Jevgenij Jegorovs AND Frank Michel AND Hans Hagen AND Gregory M. Nielson ",
keywords="acoustic simulation, comparative visualization, ray tracing, finite element method, phonon map",
location="Baltimore, Maryland",
eventtime="October 29 - November 3, 2006",
abstract="We present a comparative visualization of the acoustic simulation results obtained by two different approaches that were combined into a single simulation algorithm. The first method solves the wave equation on a volume grid based on finite elements. The second method, phonon tracing, is a geometric approach that we have previously developed for interactive simulation, visualization and modeling of room acoustics. Geometric approaches of this kind are more efficient than FEM in the high and medium frequency range. For low frequencies they fail to represent diffraction, which on the other hand can be simulated properly by means of FEM. When combining both methods we need to calibrate them properly and estimate in which frequency range they provide comparable results. For this purpose we use an acoustic metric called gain and display the resulting error. Furthermore we visualize interference patterns, since these depend not only on diffraction, but also exhibit phase-dependent amplification and neutralization effects.",
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