TitleA Framework for the Visualization of Finite-Time Continuum Mechanics Effects in Time-Varying Flow (In Book)
inAdvances in Visual Computing
Author(s) Alexy Agranovsky, Harald Obermaier, Kenneth I. Joy
Keyword(s)Continuum Mechanics, Flow Visualization, Vector Field, Time Varying, Deformation, Integration
Year 2013
SeriesLecture Notes in Computer Science
Abstract Integration-based flow visualization provides important visual cues about fluid transport. Analyzing the behavior of infinitesimal volumes as opposed to the behavior of rigid particles provides additional details valuable to flow visualization research. Our work concentrates on examining the local velocity gradient tensor along the path of a particle seeded within time-varying flow to produce a visualization highlighting temporal characteristics of particle behaviors, such as deformation. We present a framework for the analysis and visualization of such characteristics, focused on providing concise representations of physically meaningful flow features such as separation regions and vorticity. We apply the derived techniques to two data sets, highlighting the importance of such higher order Lagrangian analysis techniques to time-varying flow analysis.