TitleA Comparative Study of Recent GPU-Accelerated Multi-View Sequential Reconstruction Triangulation Methods for Large-Scale Scenes (In Proceedings)
inACCV 2014 Workshop: Big Data in 3D Computer Vision
Author(s) Jason Mak, Mauricio Hess-Flores, Shawn Recker, John D. Owens, Kenneth I. Joy
Editor(s) Jason Mak, Mauricio Hess-Flores
Year November 2014
Abstract The angular error-based triangulation method and the parallax path method are both high-performance methods for large-scale multi-view sequential reconstruction that can be parallelized on the GPU. We map parallax paths to the GPU and test its triangulation timing and accuracy performance for the rst time. To this end, we compare it the angular method on the GPU for both performance and accuracy. Furthermore, we improve the recovery of path scales and perform more extensive analysis and testing compared with the original parallax paths method. Although parallax paths requires sequential and piecewise-planar camera positions, in such scenerios we can achieve a speedup of up to 14x over angular triangulation, while maintaining comparable accuracy.