TitleAIT-Vepop: VIRTUAL EARLY PROTOTYPING, A means for supporting the work of Distributed Virtual Teams in Concurrent Engineering Environments (In Proceedings)
inProceedings of the 8th European Concurrent Engineering Conference (ECEC 2001)
Author(s) Markus Durstewitz, Nicholas Chevassus, Christof Nuber
Year 2001
LocationValencia, Spain
DateApril 18--20, 2001
Abstract AIT-VEPOP (IST-1999-13346) is a European Research Project within the IST Programme of 5th Framework. The project is scheduled from July 2000 to June 2002. Members of the AITVEPOP consortium are EADS CCR (co-ordinator), Airbus GmbH, Astrium GmbH, Flowmaster Ltd., CNAM, University of Oulu, and DFKI. AIT-VEPOP deals with issues of cooperative work and concurrent engineering with respect to the use of virtual prototypes in the early design phases of an aircraft.