TitleMesh Painting on Subdivision Surfaces in Virtual Reality Environments (In Proceedings)
inProceedings of The 2001 UC Davis Student Workshop on Computing, TR CSE-2001-7
Author(s) Benjamin F. Gregorski, Falko Kuester, Bernd Hamann, Ken Joy
Editor(s) D. Keen
Year 2001
PublisherUniversity of California, Davis
AddressDavis, California
Abstract We present an algorithm for interactive painting on a subdivision surface using standard texture-mapping hardware. A surface is first parameterized to generate a set of texture maps that cover the surface. These texture maps will be referred to as the base textures of the subdivision surface. Polygons are then assigned texture coordinates and mapped into one of the base textures. A set of line segments is used to represent a bush stroke across the surface. As the surface is painted using a brush stroke, the texture maps are updated to reflect the new color of the surface. Multiple base textures covering the surface allow more detail to be painted in certain areas by using textures of different sizes. We have intefrated our system int a Virtual Reality environment using an immersive workbench. Our environment is semi-immersive and allows a user to interact with the surfaces using spatial and orientation tracking via data gloves and a stylus tool. The toolkit is now available as part of the the VirtualExplorer framework developed at U.C. Davis