TitleVisualization Techniques for Time-Varying Volume Data (In Book)
inProceedings of CAD/Graphics 2001
Author(s) Kwan-Liu Ma, Eric Lum
Keyword(s)high performance computing, compression, parallel rendering, PC, pipelining, remote visualization, scientific visualization, spatial data structures, texture hardware, timevarying data, volume rendering
Year 2001
Abstract Our ability to study and understand complex, transient phenomena is critical to solving many scientific and engineering problems. This paper addresses the issues in storage space, I/O, and rendering for visualizing time-varying volume data. A suite of effective techniques, including encoding, parallel rendering, and runtime visualization techniques are discussed. In particular, we introduce a new hardware-assisted technique coupled with a compression scheme based on Discrete Cosine Transform which allows interactive exploration in both spatial and temporal domains of the data using a PC with a commodity graphics card.