TitleNext Generation Supercomputing using PC Clusters with Volume Graphics Hardware Devices (In Proceedings)
inProceedings of Supercomputing 2001 Conference
Author(s) S. Muraki, Masato Ogata, Kwan-Liu Ma, K. Koshizuka, K. Kajihara, X. Liu, Y. Nagano, K. Shimokawa
Keyword(s)volume rendering, parallel rendering, graphics hardware, visualization, scalable systems, distributed computing systems, high performance I/O
Year 2001
Abstract To seek a low-cost, extensible solution for the large-scale data visualization problem, a visual computing system is designed as a result of a collaboration between industry and government research laboratories in Japan, also with participation by researchers in U.S. This scalable system is a commodity PC cluster equipped with the VolumePro 500 volume graphics cards and a specially designed image compositing hardware. Our performance study shows such a system is capable of interactive rendering 5123 and 10243 volume data and highly scalable. In particular, with such a system, simulation and visualization can be performed concurrently which allows scientists to monitor and tune their simulations on the fly. In this paper, both the system and hardware designs are presented.