TitleMedia Processing Applications on the Imagine Stream Processor (In Proceedings)
inProceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Design
Author(s) John D. Owens, Scott Rixner, Ujval J. Kapasi, Peter Mattson, Brian Towles, Ben Serebrin, William J. Dally
Year September 2002
LocationFreiburg, Germany
DateSeptember 16--18, 2002
Abstract Media applications, such as image processing, signal processing, video, and graphics, require high computation rates and data bandwidths. The stream programming model is a natural and powerful way to describe these applications. Expressing media applications in this model allows hardware and software systems to take advantage of their concurrency and locality in order to meet their high computational demands. The Imagine stream programming system, a set of software tools and algorithms, is used to program media applications in the stream programming model. We achieve real-time performance on a variety of media processing applications with high computation rates (4-15 billion achieved operations per second) and high efficiency (84--95% occupancy on the arithmetic clusters).