Title3D Video Recorder (In Proceedings)
inProceedings of Pacific Graphics 2002
Author(s) S. Würmlin, Edouard Lamboray, Oliver G. Staadt, Markus Gross
Year October 2002
LocationTsinghua University, Beijing, China
DateOctober 9--11, 2002
PublisherIEEE Computer Society Press
Abstract We present the 3D Video Recorder, a system capable of recording, processing, and playing three–dimensional video from multiple points of view. We first record 2D video streams from several synchronized digital video cameras and store pre-processed images to disk. An off-line processing stage converts these images into a time–varying three–dimensional hierarchical point–based data structure and stores this 3D video to disk. We show how we can trade–off 3D video quality with processing performance and devise efficient compression and coding schemes for our novel 3D video representation. A typical sequence is encoded at less than 7 megabit per second at a frame rate of 8.5 frames per second. The 3D video player decodes and renders 3D videos from hard–disk in real–time, providing interaction features known from common video cassette recorders, like variable–speed forward and reverse, and slow motion. 3D video playback can be enhanced with novel 3D video effects such as freeze–and–rotate and arbitrary scaling. The player builds upon point–based rendering techniques and is thus capable of rendering high–quality images in real–time. Finally, we demonstrate the 3D Video Recorder on multiple real–life video sequences.