TitleLight Field Duality: Concepts and Applications (In Proceedings)
inProceedings of the ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology 2002 (VRST 2002)
Author(s) George Chen, Christian Hofsetz, Yang Liu, Nelson Max, Kim Ng, Li Hong, Peter McGuinness
Keyword(s)light field rendering, point sample rendering, dual space
Year November 2002
Abstract We propose to look at light fields from a dual space point of view. The advantage, in addition to revealing some new insights, is a framework that combines the benefits of many existing works. Using the well known two-plane-parameterization, we derive the duality between the 4-D light field and the 3-D world space. In the dual light field, rays become hyper points. We introduce the concept of hyperline. Then, cameras appear as hyperlines - camera hyperline (CHL) - mostly heterogeneous in color; scene points also appear as hyperlines - geometry hyperline (GHL) - mostly homogeneous in color. CHL's and GHL's are independent. The existence of one does not require or replace the other. When both exist, they cross each other at the dual ray hyper points. Both CHL and GHL-based light field rendering results are presented.