TitleScalable Self-Orienting Surfaces: A Compact, Texture-Enhanced Representation for Interactive Visualization Of 3D Vector Fields (In Collection)
in10 th Pacific Conference on Computer Graphics and Applications (PG'02)
Author(s) Greg Schussman, Kwan-Liu Ma
Year October 2002
LocationTsinghua University, Beijing
DateOctober 09--11 2002
Abstract This paper presents a study of field line visualization techniques. To address both the computational and perceptual issues in visualizing large scale, complex, dense field line data commonly found in many scientific applications, a new texture-based field line representation which we call selforienting surfaces is introduced. This scalable representation facilitates hardware-accelerated rendering and incorporation of various perceptually-effective techniques, resulting in intuitive visualization and interpretation of the data under study. An electromagnetic data set obtained from accelerator modeling and a fluid flow data set from aerodynamics modeling are used for evaluation and demonstration of the techniques.