TitleISpace: Interactive Volume Data Classification Techniques Using Independent Component Analysis (In Collection)
in10th Pacific Conference Graphics and Applications (PG'02)
Author(s) Ikuko Takanashi, Eric Lum, Shigeru Murakin, Kwan-Liu Ma
Keyword(s)Histogram, image processing, independent component analysis, medical imaging, multivariate data analysis, multimodality data, scientific visualization, segmentation, volume rendering
Year 2002
LocationTsinghua University, Beijing
DateOctober 09--11 2002
Abstract This paper introduces an interactive classification technique for volume data, called ISpace, which uses Independent Component Analysis (ICA) and a multidimensional histogram of the volume data in a transformed space. Essentially, classification in the volume domain becomes equivalent to interactive clipping in the ICA space, which as demonstrated using several examples is more intuitive and direct for the user to classify data. The result is an opacity transfer function defined for rendering multivariate scalar volume data.