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Hi, my name is Brian Budge. I'm a Ph.D. student studying computer graphics at UC Davis. I plan on finishing up here this summer (August-ish 2008). Currently finishing up my last few projects, and then I'll be tidying up my thesis to hand in around the 1st of August (fingers crossed!)
Academic Interests
My main area of interest is photorealistic graphics, in particular, speeding up the computation of unbiased global illumination. Also of interest are real-time ray tracing, higher order surfaces, automated addition of complexity via imperfections, and parallel algorithms in general.
Non-academic Interests
I love weightlifting, rock climbing, and hiking. Bumming around and reading books with my girlfriend, or having a "hot beverage of choice" and chatting with friends sounds great too. I really enjoy traveling and would really like to learn some new languages (I kann ein kleines bischen Deutsch sprechen, aber nicht so gut wie ich moechte).